The Vietinghoffs in America – Page 3

The Vietinghoffs in America - Page 3

As a teenager, Leo worked as a cowboy, and there is a photo of Leo and his horse. He told me that he loved that horse, but once it got spooked and he fell off, and the horse stepped on his forearm and broke it. He had a lump in his forearm where the bones had mended. He said that he got paid fifty cents a week, and, on Saturday, all the cowboys would combine their wages to buy beer and tobacco, and have a party. You can see the photo of Leo and his horse on this page.

Since the early part of the Twentieth Century, the Vietinghoffs lived in Chicago, Illinois. At the beginning of WWII, the family moved to Texas, where they lived on a chicken farm. At that time, my grandfather accepted a job with the Army Air Corps. In about 1947, the family moved to Tucson, Arizona, as Leo accepted a position as a civilian employee at Davis-Monthan AFB, a SAC airbase. He worked there as Chief Inspector until his retirement in 1965. My mother attended Tucson High School, and the family, except for Bill, spent their lives in Tucson. Bill relocated to Thousand Oaks, California, and worked a long career in aerospace, even being part of the Saturn V moon rocket project.

Leo Meertz Vietinghoff passed away June 14, 1985. His obituary included the following: "He was a Chief Inspector at Davis-Monthan AFB; a 32nd degree Mason, Member of the American Legion and a WWI veteran."

Bernice passed away in California in 1991.

Young Leo Vietinghoff with his horse

Marie and Frank Vietinghoff, and two children,
maybe Daphine and Leo