The Vietinghoffs in America

The Vietinghoffs are my family line on my mother's side. They are of German (Prussian) ancestry. I don't have any detail of the lives of the ancestors in Europe. All of the photos, and any information included here, are from America. They date from the turn of the Twentieth Century through about the late 1980's. By that time, my grandparents Leo and Bernice had passed away. Their children survived them (except for Leo, Junior), until my uncle Richard passed away in about 2007. My mother Joan and my uncle Bill are still alive as of this writing in July 2019.

These are the stories, as I heard them, mostly from my mother.

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This may be a baby portrait of my grandfather Leo, which would date from 1899 though the early years of the Twentieth Century.

Bill, Richard and Joan Vietinghoff (my mother) - a portrait from 1935